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Test Without Limits. Ship With Confidence.

Testcontainers Cloud makes it easy for developers to run reliable integration tests, with real dependencies defined in code, from their laptops to their team’s CI.

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Run Tests, Not Containers

Testcontainers Cloud for Desktop

Test everything on your laptop without worrying about resources. No local docker daemon needed!

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Download the desktop client
  3. Run the client and sign in
  4. Start your tests as usual; your laptop stays cold and snappy

Testcontainers Cloud for CI

Run your ever-growing test suite without scaling your CI, and speed it up by running tests in parallel. No system privileges required!

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Create a Service Account token
  3. Add the agent to your CI workflow
  4. Start tests in your CI as usual; your tests are running in the cloud!

Enhance team efficiency by getting rid of flaky tests and ensuring consistency from dev to CI

Adopting Testcontainers Cloud was simple. It just worked out of the box and gave our entire dev team access to a scalable backend to run their tests, with zero configuration or additional steps.

Nicolai BaldinCEO & Founder at Synthesized

Full Testcontainers Experience

Unit Tests With Real Dependencies

Testcontainers is an open source framework for providing throwaway, lightweight instances of databases, message brokers, web browsers, or just about anything that can run in a Docker container.

Supports Most Popular Languages

GenericContainer redis = new GenericContainer("redis:5.0.3-alpine").withExposedPorts(6379);
container, err := testcontainers.GenericContainer(ctx, testcontainers.GenericContainerRequest{
    ContainerRequest: testcontainers.ContainerRequest{
        Image:        "redis:5.0.3-alpine",
        ExposedPorts: []string{"6379/tcp"},
        WaitingFor:   wait.ForLog("Ready to accept connections"),
    Started:          true,
await new TestcontainersBuilder<RedisTestcontainer>()
    .WithDatabase(new RedisTestcontainerConfiguration())
const redis = await new GenericContainer("redis:5.0.3-alpine")
    .withWaitStrategy(Wait.forLogMessage("Ready to accept connections"))

Test Anything You Can Containerize: Database, Message Broker, And More

Test Anything You Can Containerize: Database, Message Broker, And More

Get Started In Minutes!

  • Works with your existing tests without any code changes
  • Install the non-privileged agent and you are good to go
  • Plays nice with both public and private registries
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Get access to your on-demand cloud environments to supercharge your Testcontainers based tests! Remove their resource consumption from your local machine or CI workers. Simplify your setup to have more reliable integration tests.