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Lean on the cloud to improve your tests

Faster local and CI builds

Scalability of the cloud helps parallelizing your tests without worries.

Forget your test-runner limitations

Run any images and fast tests even in the most constrained environments, even on ARM machines.

Easy and secure

Doesn’t require a local Docker environment; provides a simple user space install for local development or any CI setups.

Same Testcontainers ecosystem

What’s stopping you?

Your tests work without rewrites

Testcontainers Cloud works with your existing tests without any code changes; install the non-privileged agent and you are good to go!

You have access to the same Testcontainers modules

Rely on the ecosystem of Testcontainers modules to test applications using popular technologies, without spinning heavy containers on your local machine.

Getting started is fast

You already spent more time reading this than the time it takes to get your first green test with Testcontainers Cloud.

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Get access to your on-demand cloud environments to supercharge your Testcontainers based tests! Remove their resource consumption from your local machine or CI workers. Simplify your setup to have more reliable integration tests.

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